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About Us

Hi! I am Kalia, a 22 year old virtual assistant based in Charlotte, NC. I created The Recherché Social because I have a passion for providing authentic content as well as social media management services.

I strive to to craft unique and specific experiences for your brand, increase brand awareness and amplify revenue growth, observe your target audience and create content for the ideal customer to consume and to create content that displays to the ideal customer a solution and makes your product desirable!


Social Media Management

User Generated content

Digital Marketing

General Admin Support

Photography Content

Video Content


Tier One:

Tier Two:

Tier Three:

1-10 Hours a Month


15-20 Hours a Month


30-40 Hours a Month


UGC Rates

Video Content

1 Video: $150

3 Video: $450

5 Video: $720

Photography Content

5 images: $110

10 images: $200

15 images: $250

UGC Bundle

10 images + 5 vIDEOS: $900

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